Staff Directory

To contact us, call (914) 949-6227, ext. (see below),
or for Residence staff, the number is listed by their name.

To send an email, please click on the staff member’s name.

Executive Staff

Chief Executive Officer 

Ext. 104

Senior Director – Residence, GEMS & Court Programs

914.428.1130 Ext. 301

Executive Assistant 

Ext. 107

Director of Fundraising & Communications

Ext. 147

Chief Program Officer, North Street

Ext. 203


Assistant Director, Health Initiatives and Membership Engagement

Ext. 208

Assistant Director, Special Programs

Ext. 199

Director, Children’s Learning Center

Ext. 142

Director, Supervised Visitation

  Ext. 128

Director, Camp Funkist

Ext. 168

Assistant Director, Gymnastics

Ext. 125

Director, Facilities 

Ext. 157

Director, Gymnastics 

Ext. 200

Director, Health & Wellness for Aquatics & Fitness

Ext. 110

Director, Special Programs

Ext. 108

Director, Before & After School Programs

Ext. 109

Assistant Director, Residence 

914.428.1130 Ext. 308

Assistant Director, Aquatics 

Ext. 152

Head Coach, Middies

Ext. 151