Let’s Get Physical

Program Director (914) 949-6227 Ext 110

The YWCA’s is proud to introduce Let’s Get Physical!  

A FREE Fitness program geared towards KIDS!

Children will learn how to have a more positive opinion of physical fitness, good nutrition and what constitutes healthy living.

Let’s Get Physical helps create habits for health and wellness that will last a lifetime in our youth community.  All children in grades K-6 are welcome to join us twice a week during our 10 week curriculum.

Tues 6:15pm-7:15pm & Saturday 9am-10am

OR Thurs 6:15pm-7:15pm & Sunday 10am-11am

Week 1 & 2- Run Jump and Throw

Week 3 & 4- Nutrition Lessons

Week 5 & 6- Yoga and Meditation

Week 7 & 8- Gymnastics

Week 9 & 10- Swim Lessons

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