Encore Plus

Program Office: 914.949.6227 ext. 208

Encore Plus saves women’s lives by empowering them to become active and responsible participants in their own health maintenance and care. Stressing the importance of the early detection of breast cancer, the program provides education and mammography screening to low-income, un or underinsured women over 40. Contact us to learn about our next seminar or screening or to request a presentation at your site, 914.949.6227 ext. 208

For many low-income women, understanding the risks of breast cancer and how to find help can be overwhelming. That’s where the YWCA’s Encore Plus program comes in. Our staff travel across Westchester County bringing information to women in their communities and connecting them to supportive services and free mammograms.

Financial support is provided by:
Breast Cancer Alliance
Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services