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Fitness | AdultYouth

YWCA Fitness Office:  Email or call (914) 949-6227 x208

Getting young children motivated and involved in activities that promote gross motor skills, coordination and movement and overall cardio health is central to the YWCA Fitness Program.

Fall 2017 fees and class information now available. Click here.

Karate Program with Westchester Karate brings traditional Oki-nawan Goju-Ru Karate to our members.
The principles and values of traditional Karate stem from respect for oneself, respect for one's community, compassion and kindness to others, and the understanding that Karate is for defense only. These ideas are at the heart of the curriculum and are stressed in every class at every level. For more information, download our Karate brochure.


Sheridan Fencing Academy of Westchester, LLC (for ages 6 – 12)
The YWCA is pleased to introduce fencing for youth in partnership with Sheridan Fencing. Fencing is an increasingly popular sport that develops self-confidence, physical ability, and discipline, while providing a great opportunity to make new friends.

Sheridan Fencing utilizes a unique training methodology that emphasizes the fun in sports training. More information available in our Fencing Brochure.

Interested in private fencing classes?
Contact our Fitness Office at (914) 949-6227 x208