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Young Leaders Council

Young Leaders Council

Danielle Rollins, Chair

Alex Berdoff

Stefany Bello

Stephanie Cray

Katie Cray

Maria Escobar

Kathy Havlik


Sekai Ndemanga

Danielle Rollins

Maciej Szelasek

Esther Wallace

Melanie Watts

Kelsey Williams

Mission:  Helping members build a strong professional and personal network, while working to eliminate racism, empower women; and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for everyone in the local community.

Community Involvement: Learning sessions focused on personal and professional development, and financial literacy.
Advocacy: Raising awareness of local issues concerning racism, women’s rights and immigration.
Consulting: Internal knowledge sharing sessions on subjects relevant to young professionals today.
Fundraising: Leveraging new opportunities to raise support for the YWCA.

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